Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

Key Benefits That Make Trenchless Technology Attractive for Drilling Contractors

Tommy Franklin

As the demand for underground utilities by both residential and commercial property owners across Australia and many other parts of the world continues to increase continuously, drilling contractors are constantly employing newer technologies that can minimise the costs of service and environmental impact. Trenchless drilling is one such technology. Trenchless drilling is a technique for installing underground pipework with minimal surface disruption. It can be successfully used to install underground utilities such as water, gas, sewer lines, HVAC ductwork and fibre optics.

Here is a further look at the key benefits that drilling contractors stand to gain by adopting trenchless drilling service technology:

It is least disruptive and good for the environment.

Homeowners and businesses in Australia and around the world are continuously growing conscious of the need to protect the environment. For that reason, they often look for contractors that can provide them with eco-friendly services.

From an environmental perspective, trenchless drilling is often considered to be the least disruptive drilling method because minimum surface excavation is required to get the job done. It eliminates the need to perform messy and time-consuming excavations that would require major clean ups once underground utilities have been installed. Obstacles such as roads, buildings and rivers can be crossed underground, thus minimising disruption of the landscape and waterways.

In addition, trenchless drilling minimises build up of excavated earth, making it easier to keep the worksite organised throughout the project.

It is a cost efficient drilling method.

With so many price-savvy clients out there, drilling contractors that want to increase their bottom line must look for ways to keep operating costs down, so they can lower prices for their clients.

Major excavation associated with traditional drilling is not only disruptive to the environment but also cost lots of money. Drilling contractors that employ the use of drilling methods requiring extensive digging onsite usually charge their clients high prices and thus reduce their potential clientele base. This is because the quotation includes the cost of cleanup required after underground utilities have been laid.

As trenchless drilling eliminates the need to operate heavy excavation equipment and significantly reduces work time, drilling contractors can save money, and pass the advantage to their customers in terms of lower quotations.

As you have read, the benefits that trenchless drilling brings to the table cannot be overlooked. If you are considering starting a drilling business, adopting trenchless technology would be a great way to announce your entry into the new venture.


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