Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

Why Is Town Planning Important?

Tommy Franklin

Imagine how the town or city that you live or work in would look like if everyone was allowed to use the land any way they like. The town or city would probably look poorly planned. Urban or town planners play an integral part in the development of towns and cities across Australia by helping local councils or municipalities to achieve sustainable urban development.

Here's why every town or city in Australia and the rest of the world requires urban planning:

Town planning provides a blueprint for growth.

Every town or city must have a plan of action that it will follow to the letter in order to ensure realisation of its development goals. The action plan must clearly indicate what needs to be done to ensure the systematic growth of the town with time.

Urban planning involves anticipating the needs of a town and taking steps to ensure that these needs are met in a timely manner. Some of the needs that a town planner will look into include housing, utilities such as water and electricity, road and transport networks, etc. By drawing up a plan for effectively meeting the needs of the people living or working in a town, town planners put the town on a path of growth.

Town planning helps protect the natural environment.

Without town planning, the natural environment would be vulnerable to the excesses of human activities. Town planners help identify important natural resources that must be protected from the deteriorating effects of man's actions. If natural habitats are not protected by law, then they will be at risk of being invaded and destroyed by people looking to settle in these areas.

Likewise, if industrial activities are not restricted to a certain section of the town, then the entire town may suffer from pollution. Through land classification, town planners dictate how every part of the land should be used while protecting vital natural resources.

Town planning helps deal with problems in a proactive manner.

When it comes to dealing with urban problems, being proactive usually pays off. Towns that plan well are often better capable of dealing with problems that may arise down the line compared to if they were to wait and react to the problems.

Town planning provides town leaders and administrators with a preparedness or action plan that would be followed in the event of natural calamities, such as floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.

Aside from creating general awareness about what town planning involves, the above-discussed points should also help draw attention to the important work that town planners do.  


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