Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

Wooden Wonders: The Advantages Of Choosing Wooden Crates For Packing And Transporting Glass Bottles

Tommy Franklin

When the average person thinks of crates used to transport glass bottles, they probably think of the traditional wooden crates which have been used to transport wine bottles, soft drinks and other fragile glass objects for generations. However, while these crates may be seen as somewhat old-fashioned by some, their age has not dulled their effectiveness, and timber crates are still one of the best options around when it comes to protecting your bottles during packaging and transit.

Indeed, venerable wooden crates have properties which even modern materials, such as tough thermoplastics, cannot hope to match. Here are some of the most important benefits of using timber crates for transporting your glass bottles:


Timber bottle crates are enormously durable and will protect your bottles from damage during the roughest voyages over land and sea. This exceptional level of protection comes not only from the toughness of the timber itself, but also from its flexibility -- unlike some plastic crates, which can be brittle and shatter under impact wooden crates will flex and splinter when impacted before they break, allowing them to absorb blows that would destroy more fragile crates along with their bottled contents.


Timber crates are also very inexpensive, especially when bought in bulk orders, and are ideally suited for larger bottling operations that may require large quantities of extra crates at short notice. Purchasing used or recycled timber bottle crates can make them even more affordable.

Excellent load-bearing strength

Timber crates are particularly prized by businesses that pack and transport large, heavy bottles, such as champagne magnums or beer and cider growlers, as they possess excellent load-bearing strength. Individual crates can be lifted by hand without having to worry about the bottom dropping out and smashing your valuable cargo, while multiple crates can be stacked high without worrying about the crates at the bottom getting crushed.

Easy to repair

A plastic crate that becomes damaged or smashed during transportation will generally have to be replaced, but timber crates can be repaired even after being severely damaged. Because they are made from individual timber slats which are nailed, screwed or glued together, damaged slats can be replaced individually, a quick and inexpensive process that can return all but the most catastrophically-damaged crates to full working condition.

Environmentally friendly

As a biodegradable and easily recycled material, timber is far more environmentally-friendly material for crate construction than plastics or other inorganic materials. Choosing timber crates can therefore lower your bottling business's carbon footprint and overall environmental impact, especially if you choose to recycle or repurpose your crates once they have reached the ends of their usable lives. 


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