Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

How to Choose the Right Roller Shutters for Your Home's Windows

Tommy Franklin

Interior or exterior roller shutters are a great choice for any residential home; they can block out all the light from outside, so daytime sleepers can finally get some rest. They can also add security to your home, while being more unobtrusive than curtains and other window treatments. Since there is such a wide variety of options when it comes to roller shutters, note a few tips you'll want to remember even before you start shopping.

Interior versus exterior

Interior shutters won't get as dirty as exterior shutters, as they won't show marks from rain, mud, and everyday dirt. It might also be easier to clean interior shutters, as you don't need to go outside and drag out the garden hose every time they need to be washed.

Exterior shutters offer more protection for your home and windows; these may run along a track that's installed inside the window frame, and lock into place. This makes it difficult for someone to pull the shutters away from the windows and break into the home. Exterior shutters also protect windows from breakage and shattering. They can also better insulate noise, such as from a nearby highway, and they will reduce the vibration of windows during high winds, keeping the home's interior quiet during storms.


Motorized shutters are good for both interior and exterior models; this will eliminate the need for cumbersome pulleys or rods, and may make it easier to control the exact height of shutters. For exterior shutters, you might consider solar motors; these work with a small solar panel that recharges the motor every day, saving you the hassle of changing batteries in the shutter motor.


Metal exterior shutters are very durable and may offer a natural look that you prefer, and metal can be powder coated if you ever decide to change the colour of the shutters. However, if your home has aluminium siding, this may be too much metal overall; instead, consider vinyl exterior shutters for a home with metal siding. Metal exterior shutters may also clash with thick wood window frames, such as on a craftsman style home.

For interior shutters, you can soften the look of a modern home with woven bamboo shutters, or a thick linen or canvas fabric. Canvas is also good when the home has timber flooring, as you don't want to use wood shutters next to a wood floor; this can also be too much of one material in the space.


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