Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

Contractor Tips: Earth-Friendly Home Renovations That Will Turn Your Friends Green With Envy

Tommy Franklin

Sure, you and your friends meet every week to discuss your kids, work and, of course, the impressive vertical garden you created from reused bottles.  Want to knock their organic hemp socks even further? Whether you're just trading up your counters or redoing your whole house, here are earth-friendly home renovation ideas that are good for your home and the planet.

Consider a rainwater harvesting system

Remember those gutters you installed during summer? It's time to put them to good use by collecting and storing rain water that could otherwise go to waste. You can use the stored rain water to water your garden during the long summer months. Now, let your friends watch your tank fill up and your water bill go down.

Use reclaimed timber

Before you embark on a major renovation, seek out reclaimed wood as a building material. Reclaimed wood is a great way of giving your space character. Old boards and beams have a patina that new wood can't match, plus you'll get that good feeling that comes with saving a few trees in the lumber yard.

Consider cork flooring for your renovation

Cork has been used in construction for centuries and has gained popularity in flooring due to its beauty, durability and green qualities among other characteristics.

Cork flooring is harvested sustainably from the back of cork oak trees, which means no trees are lost to create the beautiful floor your house will have.

Explore recycled glass for your tiles for your bathroom renovation

Why buy new tiles when you can rip the benefits of the luscious range of colours that come with recycled tiles? These glass tiles offer you the best of both worlds when you want to incorporate a unique design in your bathroom while being environmentally responsible.

Try the recycled paper counters during your kitchen improvement

These are not your usual suspects or the soggy material you just thought about. Recycled paper counters have muscle.

Richlite is a-warm to the touch, durable paper composite that has a stone appearance and is widely selected for its eco-friendly attribute. It comes in a wide range of beautiful colours and finishes to compliment your taste.

Get a fresh look with recycled-plastic carpet tiles

 Recycled-plastic carpet tiles are great for both your indoor and outdoor space and align perfectly with your mission of an earth-friendly renovation. Also, carpet tiles offer you the flexibility of replacing a single tile upon staining it.  This is a major plus especially if you have pets.


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