Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

Two ways to prevent thieves from stealing tools and materials from your building site

Tommy Franklin

Construction sites are routinely targeted by thieves, largely because they usually contain very valuable tools and materials. Here are two steps you can take to protect your building site (and its contents) from criminals:

Secure the equipment

Many construction site managers allow equipment and building materials to be left out in the open overnight. Unfortunately, this makes it all too easy for opportunistic thieves to steal these items.

If you want to drastically reduce the likelihood of your construction goods being stolen, you should make sure that all of your building materials are stored in a such a way that it will be difficult, if not impossible, for a thief to gain access to them.

Small, portable equipment, such as drills, angle grinders, chainsaws and nail guns should be kept in a secure storage container designed specifically for use on building sites. These containers are usually made from robust materials which cannot be cut through or unlocked without some heavy-duty tools.

Heavy construction equipment which, due to its size, cannot be stowed away in a storage container, should be immobilised with steering wheel locks and tyre clamps; these will ensure that, even if a thief manages to access this equipment, they will not be able to drive it away from the site.

Invest in a security system

Purchasing a security system for your construction site is one of the best ways to protect your materials and tools from thieves. A system of this kind, which features CCTV cameras and security alarms, serves a number of purposes.

Firstly, the cameras and alarms act as visual and auditory deterrents, respectively; thieves who notice cameras around the perimeters of a building site, or who hear a loud alarm going off as soon as they step foot onto a site, are likely to leave the area immediately, for fear of getting caught by the authorities.

Secondly, security alarms which are designed to notify the local police of any attempted break-ins can help to ensure that thieves are captured by the authorities before they have the chance to leave the site with any stolen goods.

Whilst a high-quality security system can cost quite a bit of money, it is worth investing in if your site contains highly valuable items which could cost thousands to replace if they were ever stolen. The protection provided by this type of system could spare you a lot of expense and stress in the long-term.


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