Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

Top Considerations When Constructing a Dog house

Tommy Franklin

For most people, canine companions are not merely pets but play an integral part of the family. Thus, chances are you would want to provide as best as you can for your dog to ensure that it is thriving. Other than giving it the proper care and nutrition, you should also pay special attention to their shelter, more so if your dog sleeps outside rather than indoors. If you are considering constructing a dog house, below are some top considerations that you should bear in mind.

Consider your dog's personal needs

Before you can decide on the design of the dog house, you should consider what would work best for your pet. For instance, inquisitive dogs that like to monitor their surroundings at all times would be more comfortable in a dog house fitted with a flat roof with some space between the ceiling and the roof rather than one designed with eaves or an overhang that would make it hard for them to peer outside.

Secondly, what is your dog's natural body temperature? Pets that have a propensity of overheating, perhaps since they have a thick coat of fur would require a dog house that prevents thermal gain. Thus, steer clear from shingles for the roof of the dog house, as these are susceptible of attracting and retaining heat, particularly during the summer. An alternative that would prevent this thermal gain would be a plywood timber roof fitted with reflective panels that would ensure that the interior of the dog house is cool during the hot season. No matter your design choices, ensure that you are catering to your pet's creature comforts, as this would make it easier for your dog to become accustomed to their new abode.

Consider your materials

If you are in search of a lightweight and economical option for your dog house, then plastic would be an ideal material. Plastic dog houses are extremely portable, making them convenient if you would like to move around with the dog house from one location to another. In addition to this, the plastic does not require any finishing or cladding, so you get to cut costs on building supplies too! Lastly, plastic dog houses are much easier to clean when compared to other building materials so keeping the dog house hygienic will be easy to do.

On the other hand, if permanency and stability are a top priority, then timber supplies would be good building materials to consider. Dog houses made of wood are especially ideal for locations that experience erratic weather changes as the wood has high thermal efficiency. Some of the timber species you could consider are fir wood and cedar, which are inherently weather resistant. 


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