Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

The Two Plywood Products You Should Know About

Tommy Franklin

You probably are aware of plywood, especially if you are a homeowner. It is used for making doors, for framing and even for flooring purposes. Plywood is made through the bonding of three or more layers of wood with adhesive. All the layers used in the construction of the plywood are oriented where the grain moves at right angles to the adjacent layer. This is done to reduce instances of shrinkage as well as to improve the strength of the created piece.

Most of the plywood is usually pressed into large, flat sheets used during the construction of buildings. Others, however, may be formed into either a simple or compound curve, which is used in making boats, furniture or even aircraft. Once plywood is created, it can be grouped into distinct product groups, each designed for its very own, particular application. Two of the most outstanding classes include structural and marine plywood products.

Structural Plywood Products – Structural plywood products are a series of wooden veneers which are glued and pressed against each other at right angles to create a rigid board. The structural plywood products are firm and sturdy. To make the structural plywood products, only Radiata Pine is used, and manufactures also include a waterproof, type "A" bondage glue to provide a stronger bond for the plywood. This sort of glue is usually recognised by its colours, either black, red or brown. The type "A" bondage glue is subjected to a 72 hour boiling test to test its strength.

With all the materials present, making structural plywood begins with the Radiata Pine veneers being smeared with the glue and hot pressed under immense pressure to make the glue set. The structural plywood is compressed using different veneer layers, which results in the different plywood thickness.

Marine Plywood Products – The marine plywood product comes from a type "A" phenolic bond pressed between the veneers as well as the type "A" glue used in the pressing. One surprising fact about the marine plywood products is that the name can be quite deceiving. With the name "marine," you would think the plywood is waterproof. It is, however, not waterproof but instead made from water-resistant glue. The plywood product is usually lightweight, free of defects and powerful, making many people consider it in boat construction. To effectively make marine plywood, you need veneers from light wood that has perfect bending capabilities as well as a good density and the ability to resist impacts. Due to its perishable nature, the marine plywood is usually treated with preservatives for it to be employed in marine environments.


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