Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

2 Prefabricated Timber Products To Help Build Your Pavilion Style Shipping Container Home

Tommy Franklin

In recent years, shipping container homes have become an increasingly popular choice for many Australians. Shipping containers provide a strong, cost-effective and versatile foundation for a modern and sustainable dwelling. They're also an appealing option because they allow you to do much of the building work yourself, saving you a significant amount on labour costs and also giving you a sense of genuine accomplishment with the finished product.

A great way to use shipping containers to construct a home is to use two adjacent containers with a large pavilion constructed between them. This cuts the cost of purchasing extra containers and also provides a spacious and light open plan living area in your home.

The pavilion is generally constructed using timber, which may seem a little tricky if you don't have extensive carpentry skills. Fortunately, the two main components for the pavilion can be purchased as prefabricated kits which can be delivered and installed directly onto your shipping containers.

1. Roof frames

To join your shipping containers and to provide a roof for the pavilion, you can purchase prefabricated roof frames which are custom made to fit your exact specifications. They include the trusses, supporting beams and the framework which your roofing material can be attached to.

Once they've been constructed, the manufacturer will use a crane to install them over the top of your pavilion space and fix them to the top of the shipping containers. You might like to extend the roofline to cover the containers as well. This provides a more watertight finish and will also add a layer of insulation to the roof of the containers.

2. A flooring system

Although some people choose to lay a concrete slab between the shipping containers to serve as a floor, timber flooring is the most common choice. It's cheaper than concrete and it also provides an attractive and natural contrast against the industrial look of the steel containers.

Timber flooring systems can also be purchased as a prefabricated product that is made to precisely fit the space between your shipping containers. The flooring system will include the framework and support structure, the timber planks that make up the floor surface and insulative materials as required.

For more information on purchasing these prefabricated timber products, contact a local timber manufacturer. They can give you more information or advice on timber frame trusses and other timber products you're interested in.


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