Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

5 Signs You Should Use Scaffolding Instead of Ladders

Tommy Franklin

If you have to work at heights, a ladder can be helpful, but in some cases, a ladder just doesn't work. Wondering if you need to upgrade to scaffolding for your next project? Here are five signs you should consider scaffolding instead of a ladder.

1. Multiple People Are Working on the Job

Whether you are painting a house, cleaning windows, doing repairs or completing a long list of other tasks, a ladder only holds one person. If you want to get multiple people up to work on a project, you may want to choose scaffolding. You can find platforms in a range of different sizes to meet your needs.

2. The Job Requires a Lot of Supplies

Even if you just have one person working on the job, you may need more supplies than a ladder can hold. For example, imagine that you are replacing the external shutters on a first or second floor window. You need to bring up the new shutters plus the tools to instal them. You also need a spot to place the old shutters after you remove them from the house. This is all challenging and potentially impossible on a ladder. However, if you put up scaffolding, you have a platform where you can place all your tools and supplies.

3. You Want to Reduce Falls

Unfortunately, ladders are not that stable. Generally, they lean against the structure you are working on, and if you get off balance, the ladder could easily tip over. In contrast, with scaffolding, the entire setup is more stable. Even with mobile scaffolding, there are still locks on the caster wheels. This stability reduces falls and protects everybody involved.

4. You Want to Be Able to Work on a Larger Space

With a ladder, you can only work on the small area that you can reach. If you are cleaning a tiny bit of mildew off your siding, that can work. However, if you are painting the entire side of your home, you will end up having to move the ladder multiple times throughout the project.

5. You Don't Have the Right Ladder

If you are undecided on whether to use a ladder or scaffolding, you may simply want to use what's available. If you own a ladder, you can just use that, but if you don't have the right ladder, it may be cheaper to hire scaffolding instead of buying a new ladder.


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