Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

Asbestos Removal — Why It Should Never Be A DIY Project

Tommy Franklin

You may be looking to remodel your home, only to hear from your construction contractors that your property is contaminated with asbestos. Although this revelation can be quite disheartening, it by no means translates into it being the end of the world. One thing most Australian homeowners are unaware of is that a good number of homes, particularly ones that are several decades old, had asbestos incorporated into the building supplies due to the fire resistance of this substance. But with the realisation that asbestos causes long-term health problems, it is now a taboo material that requires abatement when you come across it. You may be tempted to tackle this elimination on your own, especially if you believe only a small part of your property is affected, but this can be extremely hazardous. If your contractors come across asbestos, the following are the main reasons why it should never be a DIY removal project.

Prevent undue risk of harming yourself

The most notable aspect of asbestos is its fibrousness. Therefore, even when the asbestos seems to be compacted, any tampering can cause it to release its fibres into the air, which significantly increases the chances of someone inhaling it. The thing about asbestos exposure is that you would not begin to be symptomatic immediately. Once the fibres are inhaled, they become trapped in your lungs and pose the risk of permanently scarring these internal organs. Secondly, you also increase your risk of developing mesothelioma, which is asbestos-related cancer that is incurable. Rather than risk your long-term health, it is prudent to leave asbestos removal to professionally trained individuals.

Prevent undue risk of contaminating your home 

The second reason why you should be wary of trying to eliminate the asbestos on your own is that you could end up inadvertently contaminating your entire home. What you may be unaware of regarding asbestos abatement is that in some scenarios, the professionals may opt to leave the substance in place. Rather than trying to disturb the asbestos and risk the spread of the fibres, they will choose to seal off that area and inform you on care measures you should take to keep your property safe. Additionally, improper handling of the asbestos could also cause environmental contamination. Thus, not only would your residence need extensive abatement if you engage in DIY removal, but so would the exterior of your property ]due to environmental degradation.


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