Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

How to Protect Timber Flooring from Premature Deterioration

Tommy Franklin

Are you planning to install timber flooring in your new home? Read on and discover some of the measures that you can take to protect that timber from premature deterioration.

Install a Humidifier

Most timber develops defects when it is exposed to varying levels of moisture. For example, people always lock their homes and turn up the heater during winter. This results in reduced moisture levels within the air inside the home. The result is that timber may dry up and split or warp. Similarly, high moisture levels, such as during the rainy season, can cause timber to swell and start rotting. The best way to avoid those extremes is by installing a humidifier in your home. That device will ensure that humidity levels are constant throughout the year. This will help the timber to remain stable and defect-free.

Use Coatings and Finishes

You can also protect timber from premature deterioration by giving it a protective coating or finish. For example, timber with a coat of varnish isn't likely to lose or absorb moisture as quickly as timber that doesn't have a coating. Keep re-applying your chosen finish or coating at the recommended interval so that the timber retains its protection against rapid moisture loss or absorption.

Select Your Timber Carefully

The durability of the timber that you have selected depends on how appropriate that timber is for your application. For example, using modified wood (Accoya wood, for example) for flooring purposes can assure greater dimensional stability than using timber that hasn't been modified by using chemical treatments. You should, therefore, select timber that is a good match for your application so that it lasts in the prevailing conditions.

Clean Carefully

Timber flooring should be cleaned in a way that doesn't expose it to excessive moisture. For example, avoid using a wet mop to clean timber flooring. That moisture may take long to dry. The long drying time can give wood-destroying organisms a chance to penetrate the timber while its surface is still soft due to the presence of moisture. Follow the cleaning recommendations that are given when you purchase or install the timber flooring.

The measures above aren't only applicable to timber flooring. They are equally valid when you have any other timber products, such as furniture. Implement those suggestions so that you can enjoy the durability and beauty that has made timber a favourite material for generations. To learn more about timber uses, contact a company like Bowens.


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