Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

Three Practical Guidelines for Painting Your Residential Metal Roof

Tommy Franklin

Metal roofs are perfect for home installation because of their exceptional mechanical strength and prolonged lifespan. In addition, the material does not require extensive maintenance. Unfortunately, metal roofs can lose their aesthetic appeal due to natural weathering. Often, the exposure of the roofing to UV radiation and rain can cause the beautiful colour to fade. If this happens to your roof, you should think about repainting the surface to improve the appearance and boost the property value. Here are practical guidelines for painting your metal roofing as a DIY project.

Clean the Roof

You should prepare the metal roof by cleaning it before beginning the painting process. Typically, a roof will accumulate diverse materials which could prevent the paint from adhering correctly. For example, mould, mildew and dust could cause the fresh paint to peel off prematurely. You should hire a power washer for this process. This equipment will provide sufficient pressure to eliminate debris, and it will save time in comparison to scrubbing the surface with a brush and cleaning agent. Remember to watch the power of the washer because extreme pressure can damage the metal sheets.

Choose Your Paint

You should choose the best paint for your metal roofing. Poor choice of a painting product will not produce ideal results, and the coating could fail prematurely. You should inquire about the compatible paint options available from the local roofing or painting supplies shop. Typically, bare metal roofs and sheets with a baked-on finish can be coated using acrylic latex paint. You can also use an oil-based alkyd alternative on your galvanised roof if you do not wish to use latex coatings. You should remember to purchase an appropriate metal surface primer along with your chosen paint.

Apply the Paint

When you are ready to paint the metal roof, you should use your primer as indicated by the manufacturer. The primer will ensure that the paint bonds correctly to the roof, and it also contains additives which prevent roof rusting. After the primer dries sufficiently, you can apply the paint. You can use a paintbrush for the paint and primer, or you can look for a roller designed for corrugated metal sheets. If the weather is calm or windless, you can also use an airless sprayer.

Metal roof painting can be a challenging project, even though it seems like a straightforward process in theory. Therefore, if possible, you should hire metal roofing specialists for the work to prevent structural damage and ensure overall success.


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