Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

Three Considerations for Using Helical Piles for Home Foundation Repair

Tommy Franklin

Foundation problems can occur over time in residential buildings. In most cases, the structural issues can be attributed to poor installation of the foundational elements. However, the anomalies can also occur due to unexpected problems such as changes in ground conditions, flooding and abnormal settling of the building. If you have noticed structural anomalies in your foundation, you should consider using helical piles to resolve the damage.

Helical piles are long and strong tubes which are installed in the ground to provide support to the upper structure of a house. These units are ideal alternatives to the timber stumps which were used traditionally in home construction. These piers are primarily used in building new buildings, but they can help in restoring a failing foundation. Here are the most crucial factors that you should consider if you are interested in helical pier repair.

Type of Foundation Problem

You should evaluate the type of foundation problem in your building with the help of experienced piling contractors. Helical piles cannot be used to resolve every structural issue in your building base. Therefore, it is important to confirm that the anomaly can be dealt with using these units. In general, helical piles can be used for preventing the tipping of walls and dealing with sinking foundations. Also, if the soil conditions on your property cannot support your spread footing foundation, you might benefit from a helical approach.

Site Conditions

Helical piles are suited for foundation repairs in some sites more than others. In simple terms, you should remember that there are numerous repair options for faulty foundations. The right choice will ensure efficient restoration and long-term reliability. The wrong choice could necessitate recurrent repairs. Helical piers are suitable for use if you are dealing with unstable or loose soil. The piles can be inserted deep into the ground, beyond the unreliable soil. Also, these pile foundations do not cause a lot of disturbance in the surroundings during installation. Therefore, if you are concerned about noise and vibrations, the helical piles could be your best option.

Reuse of Existing Piles

Finally, if you have some existing piles in your home foundation, you should look into the possibility of reusing them during the repairs. This choice could help you reduce the total costs of restoring and reinforcing the foundation. If you are interested in reusing the piers, you should have your piling contractor conduct thorough inspection of the members. If they are in a good state, you can utilise them partially or completely.


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