Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

3 Step Guide To Help You Choose The Right Fire-Rated Door For Your Home

Tommy Franklin

With some parts of Australia in danger of bushfires, the process of constructing your home requires detailed planning – especially if your property falls in a bushfire zone with a higher BAL rating. You may need to consider additional materials like safety doors, fireproof doors and windows, fire-resistant frames and much more to protect your home from bushfire dangers. This guide will help you choose the right fire-rated door for your home. 

1. Be Choice-Conscious With Your Door Material 

You don't want to choose just any door for your home when you're in a bushfire zone. You'll want to ensure that it protects the interiors of your home as much as possible, allows you to get out easily in case of any danger, and keeps bushfire embers away without burning. Fire doors can be made from materials like fire-resistant wood veneer, steel and glass.

This is dependent on your personal preferences and the purpose of the door. For example, if you are looking for something to contain both internal and external fires, then steel may be the ideal choice. But if you're looking for aesthetics and functionality, then wood veneer or glass may be the way to go as your door material choice. 

2. Choose A Fire-Resistant Frame Fitted Closely To The Door 

There's no point in having a fire-resistant door without expecting the same functionality from the frame, which is why you'll want to ensure that both are fireproof for complete protection. Metal door frames are usually available, but you can also choose from fire-resistant wooden frame products based on your specific requirements. Different finishes are available to help you emulate the look you want in your home, so metal frames don't have to look unsightly. Keep in mind that there should be no gap between the frame and door for maximum protection from any kind of fire. 

3. Choose Fireproof Hardware For Maximum Protection 

Fireproof hardware like door handles, hinges, closers and locks are just as important when you're building a home in a bushfire prone area because they can easily catch fire and put you in danger too. You can get fire-resistant hardware in different styles, colours and designs, so you don't have to worry about aesthetics becoming a problem. You may also want to get a professional installer to ensure that your fire-rated door and associated products are properly fitted to keep away any fire dangers from your home. 

Fire protection products are important when you're building so consider these factors to make the right door choice for your needs. 


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