Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

Why Use Composite Material for Your Jetty Deck Construction?

Tommy Franklin

Are you looking to construct a jetty deck? Real wood, stainless steel and aluminium are the most commonly used materials for jetty deck construction. But in recent years, a growing number of private jetty owners have been building their jetty deck with composite material. Composite material is made of a mixture of recycled wood and plastic, and this unique blend lends itself to use for jetty deck construction and many other marine construction applications. If you'd like to discover the benefits of building your jetty deck with composite material, continue reading below.

Here are three great reasons to choose composite decking for your jetty construction. 

1. Composite decking is hard-wearing and durable 

The marine-grade composite material used to build your jetty deck is generally more rigid that fully recycled plastic. The wood fibres in the material provide the reinforcement needed to slow down wear and tear from normal use of the deck.

What's more, the plastic in composite material helps binds the wood together, making composite deck boards resistant to moisture penetration and rotting from fungal growths. Jetty owners also won't have to worry about rust and corrosion damage, as composite deck boards are non-metallic. 

2. Composite decking doesn't need any refinishing to maintain its original look

For applications where aesthetics matters, composite deck boards are an excellent option. This is because they're designed to retain their initial look without needing refinishing. Unlike metal decks, which may be discoloured by rust and corrosion from exposure to salt water, or real wood decks, which become weathered over time, you can count on a composite jetty deck to keep looking like new throughout its life span.

3. Composite decking is easy to maintain

As part of periodic maintenance, real wood and metal decks often need to be refinished on occasion to protect the substrate material against potential damage due to exposure to the elements. Composite decks, on the other hand, only need to be cleaned regularly to keep looking nice. All you need to do to remove accumulated dirt and grime from your deck is to clean it regularly with specially formulated composite deck cleaner or soapy water and a soft-bristled brush. Don't use a hard-bristled brush that can ruin the surface finish on your deck.

The advantages of composite jetty decking don't end with the above-highlighted points. There are many other benefits that this decking option can deliver. For more information on composite decking, feel free to consult an experienced jetty construction contractor local to you.


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