Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

3 Trends That Retail Store Renovation Contractors Should Watch Out for in 2019

Tommy Franklin

With the increased popularity of online retail shopping, brick and mortar retail stores are doing all they can to bring shoppers back to the physical stores. Retail stores can achieve this by enhancing the shopping experience in brick and mortar outlets. Therefore, if you are a shop fitting contractor, then you need to know what is trending in retail store fittings. It is an effective way of meeting the design requirements of retail store owners. This article highlights some of the trending concepts in retail shop fittings to consider in 2019.

Interactive Merchandising

The moment a customer sets foot in a retail store, it is the duty of the store attendants to turn the customer into a shopper by providing as much relevant information as possible about a product. That said, there is only so much information that an employee can know; hence, mistakes might happen. Interactive displays and coding technologies are enabling retailers to eliminate these errors. All that shoppers have to do is type the product of choice into an interface, and the above systems retrieve all manner of information that shoppers might need. For instance, interactive merchandising is aimed at enhancing customer involvement for a fulfilling retail shopping experience.


Distractions in the retail sector are at an all-time high, and the way you design a retail store's interior can break the monotony. Notably, retail store owners that care about their shoppers' experience want minimalistic fittings that don't overwhelm customers when they get into the store. Minimalistic shelves and tables reflect clean lines that accentuate a product rather than hide it. Additionally, using one or two types of materials for the fittings ensures that a retailer achieves a minimalistic look. For examples, display furniture can be made from wood with clean edges and a single colour that does not overwhelm the products on sale. Ultimately, the best way to achieve a minimalistic retail look is by keeping display spaces open, which means utilising minimal fittings.

Temporary Fittings

Ensuring that a retail store attracts shoppers every single day is a challenging feat, but retailers must contend with it. It requires a retail store to have a fresh look every few weeks or days if possible. At times, it is only possible with temporary shop fittings because the accessories compel a retailer to change the look, design or colour of the installations. Keeping things fresh builds brand loyalty because shoppers have a reason to come back.


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