Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

Why your product needs the protection of a wooden crate

Tommy Franklin

Are you concerned about how well your newly produced products will survive the journey to their destination? Correct packing and shipping are essential to ensure that your goods are transported safely from one location to the next. One of the most effective custom shipping products for any product is a wooden crate. A wooden crate is simply a shipping container which is ideal for moving large, awkward or heavy items across the country or around the globe. Here are the four most compelling reasons for choosing wooden crates for your next product shipment.

Ease of construction

Unlike some shipping solutions, wooden crates can be quickly constructed either from an established design or custom built to the customer's specification. Plywood is easy to obtain, and there should be no delays in manufacturing as many wooden crates as you need for your shipment. Since plywood can be found anywhere your crates can be built locally to you and rapidly delivered to your site.

Resistant to the weather conditions

How far will you transport your products? Depending on their destination, it is possible that your goods may need to be transported long distances, perhaps by ship, and face a range of environmental conditions throughout their journey. You need a shipping solution, such as wooden crates, that is resistant to inclement weather and able to withstand whatever conditions it will face along the way.

Enhanced protection and security

When you are shipping items around the world it is not just environmental threats which will concern you. There is the ever-present risk of damage through negligence or even theft. Wooden crates are a great way to protect valuable or fragile items. The crates are sturdy enough to withstand any rough handling and able to resist any unofficial attempt to open them and inspect the contents.

The reusable choice

Many packing and shipping solutions can only be used once. The goods reach their destination, and the packing materials are simply discarded. When you choose to use wooden crates, you can have confidence that the crates can be used on multiple occasions. They are strong, and when they are correctly stacked, they can easily withstand vertical pressure for as many journeys as you need them to make. When you make the decision to use wooden crates, you know that you are buying something that you will be able to use time after time, saving your company money and enhancing your environmental credentials.


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