Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

Why You Need the Volumetric Approach When It Comes to Concrete Delivery

Tommy Franklin

If you have a sizeable commercial concreting project ahead, you want to make sure that it is completed as efficiently as possible, that your contractors are the best at what they do and that they use the right type of equipment. This project will use a great deal of concrete, and correct application is critical, so in this case, you may need to rely on a volumetric concrete mixer instead of the traditional barrel approach. What is this, and why could it be advantageous for you?

Dealing With Uncertainty

The larger the job, the more uncertainty there may be as several different factors could affect productivity. You may have a good idea of what is needed to complete the project and, specifically, the amount of concrete required, but this may nevertheless vary due to unforeseen circumstances, weather conditions or other issues. In this case, the volumetric concrete mixer is exactly what you need, as you will always have the exact amount of mixture available, no matter what.

Tailored Delivery

With this approach, the individual components are transported to your site and are only mixed as and when needed. Consequently, delivery can be tailored to your ongoing requirements, no matter if there is a last-minute glitch. If you're working in an environment where weather can be particularly unpredictable, this is the only way to go.

Better Logistic

If you were to choose the traditional drum or barrel, then everything would be mixed offsite before being delivered to you. If the vehicle did not have enough, then you would need to order another, and this would undoubtedly lead to delay. If, on the other hand, the truck delivered too much, then it would be wasted, but you would undoubtedly still have to pay.

Avoid Wastage

You can say goodbye to wastage with a volumetric approach, however. Everything is mixed on-site, so you use only what you need and, furthermore, the individual trucks can store a lot more than the drum-based vehicle.

Pay for What You Get

With margins so tight, you only want to pay for what you actually get, and the volumetric truck will be programmed on-site to your precise specification. The aggregate, water, fibres, additives and cement are then mixed, delivered and accounted for, and you will get a readout to confirm the actual delivery.


Make sure that your operation is as efficient as possible and work with contractors who have the same idea in mind. Choose the volumetric approach when it comes to your concrete mix.


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