Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

3 Considerations When Buying And Installing Skylights For Your Home

Tommy Franklin

A skylight is the best option for letting more natural light into your home. Many homeowners may think that installing a skylight window only requires cutting a hole in the roof and placing the window sourced from a local hardware store. However, if you are not a DIYer, you should work with an expert installer to get the best out of your skylight. Here are some considerations when buying and installing skylights for your home.

Skylight Placement — It is important to know where you intend to install a skylight window because this information will determine the size of the window to purchase. Furthermore, placement will affect the number of skylight windows to buy. For example, will you need more than one skylight window per room or will you prefer a large skylight for the entire home? The ideal placement of skylights is not for everyone, and thus, you may need to hire an expert. Installation of a skylight is an intricate process that calls for multiple modifications of the roof structure. Therefore, if you do not have experience installing a skylight window, then you are better off seeking professional services.

Buy Energy-Efficient Skylights — A skylight not only lets natural light into your home but also helps to save energy by regulating the indoor temperature and light. In Australia, there is a specific standard for skylights known as AS 4285. According to this standard, the skylight should withstand cyclonic and non-cyclonic wind loads and a water tightness test. Ideally, this means that the skylight should withstand strong winds and heavy rain without breaking or allowing the weather elements in a home. When a skylight is energy-efficient, it means that it does not allow cold air into the home or let out warm air. The effect will lower the cost of cooling and heating. Therefore, always shop for energy-efficient skylights to save on energy costs.

Skylight Accessories and Features — The very basic version of a skylight will come equipped with UV protection and insulated glass. However, with such an option, you may not be able to regulate the amount of light entering the home and ventilation depending on the time of day. With some extra money, you can get skylights with extra features to enhance functionality and convenience. For instance, some skylights have inbuilt blinds that control the amount of light using either a remote control or a pole crank. Some skylights have rain sensors, which forces the window to close automatically when it starts to rain—how about that for convenience!


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