Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

A Guide on Floor Trusses

Tommy Franklin

Do you intend to build a residential or commercial property? If yes, you may be concerned about the structure's floor. Floor trusses are an ideal and cost-friendly solution for most builders and homeowners. Unlike joists, they can be modified and manipulated into all kinds of designs. Read the excerpt below to learn the benefits of using floor trusses and the various considerations you should make when buying floor trusses. 

The primary benefit of purchasing floor truss systems is that they have a wide span (over 30 meters). Besides, the design of the truss enables you to install essential elements such as the HVAC, plumbing, heating and electrical systems. Floor trusses can be designed to accommodate extensions such as step-down cantilever balconies. The systems are built with high-quality wood. Their design eliminates shrinkage and warping; hence, you can be confident about the structural integrity of the house. Besides, they are easy to install and can minimise the need for load-bearing walls. As such, they are your best bet if you need a large, open space.      

Below are some tips to help you purchase floor trusses. 

Building Code

Check the building code to determine if there are restrictions on the use of floor trusses in your locality. For instance, you could find that the local council recommends specific bearings and triangulation. Besides, you may need an engineer on-site to ensure proper installation of the trusses.

Manufacturing Company

Conduct some research or seek testimonials to identify companies that manufacture durable floor trusses. Consider manufacturers that give a warranty. Most companies will build the floor truss off-site. As such, they will send a team to check the technical drawings of the building and the site conditions. Inform the company if you make any changes that will affect the installation of the floor trusses. It allows them to change the truss design to suit the new conditions. Work with a company whose designs allow minor modifications at the site. For example, a trimmable truss can be decreased at the site.


Ask for quotes from a few floor truss manufacturers in your locality. You may incur a small fee for after-sales services such as transport. It is especially so if the site is far from the manufacturer's area of operation. The company may or may not charge installation fees.

Floor trusses will increase the structural integrity of your house and allow easy installation of water, heating and electrical systems. When buying floor trusses, check the building code, the manufacturing company you want and the costs. 

To learn more, contact a resource that offers floor trusses.


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