Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

Three steps to successful land development

Tommy Franklin

Owning land is good, but usually, you want the opportunity to do something with the land. You might seek to develop it for farming or industry or to turn your property into a residential or commercial land development. It is only once your land is put to use that you can hope to see any financial benefit from it. Whatever form of land development you may be thinking about, it is important that you think through your options carefully so that you can be certain that your chosen development will be a success. Here are three things that you must do before starting work on your new land development and potentially ending up losing your investment.

Check for viability

Any development you are planning must be profitable. You don't want to spend a large amount of money and end up making a loss. You will need to compare the total building costs of your project with the income you are likely to generate from the future sale or rental of the land. This valuation must take particular note of the location of the land and other surrounding amenities. You can't afford to simply take a general estimate based on national or regional figures. Decide whether you should build family homes, a retirement complex or apartments for young professionals. Any of these options could prove popular in the right neighborhood but you must have a strong grasp of what is happening in your area and how suited your development is to the area.

Get the legalities arranged

Before you can start work, you must have already collected all of the required permits. Gathering all of the permissions you need can take time, and you must be confident of success before you invest too much capital in the project. It can help to work with a local team of surveyors and architects who understand what type of land development is normally approved locally.

Establish your marketing plan

It may be counterintuitive to think about marketing before your development is completed, but it is best to start planning your marketing from the beginning. You cannot hope to see any return on your investment until your land development is sold or rented. The initial research you have conducted should enable you to set the purchase price or monthly rent at precisely the right level for your area and ensure that you can start earning from your land development at the earliest opportunity.

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