Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

Two Situations in Which You Should Rent Scaffolding When Doing DIY Renovations

Tommy Franklin

If you're doing DIY renovations in one of these situations, it might be sensible to use a scaffold hire service.

You feel anxious when working at heights

Many people get nervous when they're standing far above the ground. If this is the case for you, then you should rent a scaffold for your project. When put in place by a trained professional from the rental company, the scaffold will be a much safer and stable structure from which to access the taller parts of a building than a ladder.

In addition to having sturdy floors that won't wobble when you move quickly across them and that will allow you to comfortably keep things like buckets of paint and brushes nearby, a scaffold will also have rails that you can safely lean against if you need to and which will keep you from falling if you stumble towards the edge of one of the floors.

Knowing that you have a stable, enclosed space to stand on when you're trying to apply some render or fix the gutters will mean that even if you dislike heights, you will still feel safe enough to direct your full attention towards the renovations, instead of half-focusing on the work, whilst also worrying that you might fall over at any moment if you lose your balance (which could be the case if you used a ladder).

You need to do detailed work on the upper parts of your house

If you only need to slap some paint on the upper sections of your house's outside walls, then it might be possible to do this with just a ladder and an extendable roller paintbrush, as you don't necessarily need to stand right against the walls to do this simple job. However, if need to do any detailed work in these areas, then it's best to obtain a rented scaffold.

For example, if you need to scrape the crumbling mortar from the areas between a tall wall's bricks and then replace it, you'll need to stand close to this area when both removing the old mortar and applying the new. You'll find it much easier to do this neatly if you're on a scaffold's flat surface that allows you to, for example, kneel or sit down, and use both hands when doing this job. With a ladder, not only would you struggle to use two hands at once, but you'd have to remain standing and would need to get off the ladder and keep moving it each time you wanted to repair a new section.


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