Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

Do You Need To Call an Underpinning Company?

Tommy Franklin

If you spot cracks in the walls of your home, there are several possible reasons. It could be an issue with the plaster, or it might be caused by external damage. However, it's also possible that the cause of the cracks could be below the ground. All cracks are worth investigating, but if jagged cracks are spreading diagonally across the wall, your home could be pulling apart because of a problem with the foundation. If you suspect the foundation is failing, it's best to arrange for a survey as soon as you can. The longer the fault is left alone, the worse it will become, so identifying the problem and commencing repair work early will make the job easier and cheaper.

What could the survey find?

If the survey indicates that the property foundation has started to fail, call a residential underpinning service immediately. However, the survey might uncover other needs as well. Rather than a need for underpinning, the survey might show that a tree root has strayed into the foundations of your home or that there is an issue with the drainage. Instead of rushing into residential underpinning, commission a detailed survey that can indicate the nature of the problem, so you can see what action to take.

What approach is needed?

A residential underpinning company will be proficient in a range of underpinning techniques. They will examine your foundations and determine the most appropriate method of restoring the stability of your home. They will need to think about not only how heavy the building is but also what type of soil is on the site, the height of the water table, and the condition of the existing foundations. The residential underpinning company will examine all the options and explain why their chosen solution is the most appropriate option for your property.

Which residential underpinning company is needed?

When examining residential underpinning companies, there are several criteria by which you could judge them. You might think that price should be your primary concern, but that is far less important than the quality of the work. Ask the underpinning company about their experience on similar properties, and see if they can provide testimonials from past clients. When discussing the costs involved, find out precisely what their charges cover and get an itemised quote. Not every company will charge the same way, so an itemised quote is the safest way to ensure that nothing is missed and there will be no hidden charges to pay later.


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