Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

  • Benefits of Going with a Custom Tiny Home Design

    If you are considering a tiny home as an office, guest house, alternative to a caravan, or as a full-time living situation, then you likely have seen the many home designs available. Since tiny homes are generally a DIY project, the blueprints and home designs are created to be simple as well as minimalistic. The issue with this is that the current designs may not fit your needs or vision. If you have a specific tiny home vision, you may want to consider overlooking the more generic design plans and going with a custom home design instead.

  • Factors to Consider Before Rigging your Mine with Explosives

    One of the most critical stages of a mining exercise is the blasting stage. Without blasting, it would be virtually impossible to access minerals underneath the earth's surface. Since blasting requires the application of explosives, it is vital to consider several factors before you start moving tonnes of earth. While the blasting process can be described as a science and art, proper preparation boils down to strategic planning. Therefore, if you are just opening your mining business, understanding the factors to consider before triggering explosives will lead to an effective and efficient exercise.

  • How to prevent accidents when operating construction equipment on steep slopes

    If heavy construction equipment (such as an excavator or a front loader) needs to be used to dig trenches on a steep slope, there is a risk that the vehicle could topple over and tumble down the hill. If this should happen, the operator and anyone standing at the bottom of the slope would almost certainly be injured or killed. As such, it's vital to take certain precautions when using this equipment on any steep gradients.

  • Key Benefits That Make Trenchless Technology Attractive for Drilling Contractors

    As the demand for underground utilities by both residential and commercial property owners across Australia and many other parts of the world continues to increase continuously, drilling contractors are constantly employing newer technologies that can minimise the costs of service and environmental impact. Trenchless drilling is one such technology. Trenchless drilling is a technique for installing underground pipework with minimal surface disruption. It can be successfully used to install underground utilities such as water, gas, sewer lines, HVAC ductwork and fibre optics.

  • Finding Out the Likelihood of Asbestos Contamination in Soil

    Asbestos is only harmful when it's disturbed, the fine particles becoming airborne where they can enter the respiratory system. Because of this, it can stay in place for many years, only becoming a hazard when building or demolition work involves the destruction of materials containing the dangerous substance. In the soil, however, it's another matter entirely. The soil is disturbed far more easily, through activities as simple and common as gardening.

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Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

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