Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

Tools to Help You Understand the Construction Industry

  • Should You Choose A Ducted Or Split-System Air Conditioner For Your New Bakery?

    Baked goods are more of a religion than a cuisine in Australia, and selling freshly baked pies, pasties and lamingtons to a ravenous public can be a very lucrative way to make a living. However, if you're opening a new bakery, you have to consider the needs of your employees as well as your patrons, and keeping them tolerably cool during a long, hot working day is vitally important. A powerful, reliable air conditioning system is a must for bakeries both large and small, but if you're not well-versed in the ins and outs of HVAC systems, you may have trouble figuring out which kind of air conditioner is best for your bakery business.

  • Three Things To Consider Before Building A Granny Flat

    Building a granny flat can be a wonderful idea for an elderly relative, as it allows them to spend more time living independently and surrounded by family. However, as explained below, there are a few things to consider before committing to building a granny flat. Consider The Law And Your Budget Rules on the construction of granny flats vary depending on where you live, and you will need to check that what you are doing is legal.

  • Why Are There Burn Marks on One of Your Power Points?

    If you notice dark smudges around a socket on one of your power points, then you may assume that the plate is dirty. However, what if you can't clean the marks off and realise that they look like they are made from burns or smoke? Why has this happened and what should you do? Common Sources of Burn Marks on Power Points Burn and smoke marks can appear on power points for various reasons.

  • Why You Need the Volumetric Approach When It Comes to Concrete Delivery

    If you have a sizeable commercial concreting project ahead, you want to make sure that it is completed as efficiently as possible, that your contractors are the best at what they do and that they use the right type of equipment. This project will use a great deal of concrete, and correct application is critical, so in this case, you may need to rely on a volumetric concrete mixer instead of the traditional barrel approach.

  • Two Tips for Homeowners Who Wish to Renovate Their Swimming Pools

    If your swimming pool is due to be renovated by a contractor soon, you may find the following suggestions to be quite helpful. Use the renovation project as an opportunity to upgrade your pool pump Like any electrical item that is used regularly, pool pumps deteriorate over time. If your pool and its pump were fitted many years ago, it is very likely that the latter is no longer as effective as it once was at dragging the used and contaminated water out of the pool and passing it through the pool filter.

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